Things of Little Interest

I am very interested in the Everyman character. Who wouldn't be? He is just like you or me.
We can all relate to the Everyman, especially when he is down.
But what's great about that is that we can also revel when he is triumphant.
We can all feel like we were in his corner. It was as if we won the battle side by side.
We built that pyramid together and sailed that vast blue sea, we buttressed the cathedral together
and we forged a living document that keeps us all safe and free. Or so we say.

We wrote the laws, and conquered the uncivilized, and forged new alliances, and burned old bridges, and blazed new trails, and planted the crops year after year, until we got some other man to do it for us, and together we learned from our mistakes, and yet we continue to make new mistakes and some of the old ones again and again. We all have that thing in common, suffering, that makes us all human, and sometimes there is a character that sort of brilliantly distills the elements of being human like a prism distills the colors of light.

We relate to the Everyman in a way that makes us all want to hear his story and watch his movie and buy his books and collect his action figures and play his video game. His or her of course.

Sometimes the Everyman is blessed with what would seem like poor luck. But things are not always as they seem because the things that seemed unfortunate early on serve to shape and define a character as one of us.
The race of man.
And it is a race, let me tell you. Betta keep ya boots laced if you wanna keep pace.
The Everyman is not afraid to run the race. Either from courage or ignorance.
The Everyman rarely comes from wealth or privilege. The Everyman is often strapped with the burden of poverty or afflicted with a mental or physical challenge right from the start.
That gives the Everyman the determination.