Good Advice

Chief among my problems lately is this whole healthy equals boring thing that I have going on in my life.
If you are just joining us let me quickly recap so I can get you up to speed with the rest of the class.

In 2000 I moved to San Francisco~
Life got pretty exciting including but not limited to some heavy drug use~
I was very active and very awake in SF (if you get my drift)~
Things spiraled a little out of control~
Bridges were burned, jail cells inspected and I quit my job~
Couldn't find another job~
Shitty Economy specially in the Bay Area~
Couldn't stop sipping Crystal so I decided to come back to Austin~
It SUUUUCKED at first~
I felt like I had failed and to boot I was hella depressed~
But I stopped doing (hard) drugs~
I rebuilt my seratonin stores and I got my body back in tip-top shape~
I got a cool Graphic Design job~
I moved out of any roommate situation and I now live alone~
Which rocks~
I have a great car, a new computer, and a luscious apartment~
All my bills are paid~
My alcoholism is relatively under control~
I have a great relationship with my family~
And I am a little bored~

I have always said that being bored is only for the bore-ing. So hopefully I can address this problem without digging another drug-infested, life-denigrating hole. And once again, for the second time in like a month, inspiration has come from the most unlikely of sources. What is this unexpected wellspring of good tidings~
Anti's Dad
who once said~

"Son, you don't know jack shit what's gonna happen. for all you know, you'll be hit by a 18 wheeler next week. DEAD. and son? you can't take it with you, live for today. get the bigger place."

That is so fucking true. I have been living like I have eighty more years to go on this dirt pile Earth and I'm like the little ant storing up grain for the winter. I need to pull a few grasshopper moves and try and live a little. Not that I haven't been having fun its just that things have been on such an even keel that I have this nagging sensation that maybe I need to
shake things up.

I only have inklings of what I need to do in order to sort this shit out, nothing concrete or specific.
What should I do?