Time Keeps On Ticking

Here at the end of time, I just wanna kick back and enjoy the feeling of existing.
Is that so wrong?
Some would call me lazy.
I would call myself profoundly lazy.
Even though, physically I am quite fit.




I would like to buy the world a Coke,
and furnish it with Love.
But I really only have the wherewithal and the energy to maintain my own health and sanity and that of the loved ones around me. And most of the time I can't really do anything for them but encourage. It's a hard-knocks life. And aspirations that totally outsize your skill and/or ability are an unfortunate drain on your lifeforce.
I would like to create a gun that shoots peace.
Peace of mind, peace of land, peace of meat.
Maybe something that created a sonic boom of peace, and security, and liberty.
I really think that would be wicked righteous.
But I think I'll prolly just keep eating right and feeling well so I can dole out swell vibes to the lives that I come in contact with
and use less
and smile
and treat folks like I want to be treated.

but not too heavy handed