Perks O Plenty

As I have mentioned before my job has certain fringe benefits.
There's the free beer, free lunches, complimentary keychains tshirts koozys etc
Once I got a Smirnoff Ice kayak
they have taken me to Port A
I have supplied free kegs to three parties in my 16 months here
But today my friends I got the biggest score yet ~

Beastie Boys Tickets
for the show at the Frank Irwin Center on October 22
great seats
lush no?

In other good news I should be recieving the pay-off that I need to get a machine at my home by the end of the week.
If all goes according to plan (and it rarely does)
I will be blogging from home next week.

Lets all just keep our fingers crossed shall we.

And if you are wondering, I never got that e-mail from Danielle.
I will try to find the strength to press on.



Saturday Memorial

i want to build a monument to Saturday

i've always been a huge fan of both leisure time and monuments

what better embodies the spirit of leisure time than the great day of Saturday

and what better way to express my love of monuments and monumentality and the ideas that memorials hold and how its so important for humans to build statues and structures and temples and monoliths and pyramids and pyres to cement their memories of people and places and the events that may or may not have defined their times, than to build a great big memorial to my favorite day of the week,... Saturday

i liked to build a functional monument

something that people can walk in or sit on and maybe some thing the the kids could play with

maybe a Saturday memorial hanging gardens

and we'll grow none of the plants that people are allergic to like ragweed or cedar or molds

and there will be a lawn that will bar none be ther finest lawn the world over

and it will be immense but encapsulated in a little valley

The Saturday Memorial Lawn gardens that hang in the valley will draw visitors from all over

who will pilgrimage to pay their respects to the gods of leisure time

and they will walk on the lawn

and they will engage in the sipping of libations

and they will have their choice of croquet, or badmitten, or cricket or footy or volley ball, or what ever their hearts desire

for in the Memorial Saturday Lawn Valley

e'r day is Saturday

and the leisure time is as vast as the grass

this idea is in its early stages

feel free to debunk any foolish premise therin


My Bad

I am in no way a proponent of deception

I am however a bigger opponent of going to jail

my actions should more clearly define my

feelings and thoughts and beliefs

my bad



Blue and Whites

I got pulled over last night. In the course of two hours I had drank four 16oz beers. I was sure I was going to jail. I stayed calm. I turned my interior lights on and put my hands on the steering wheel. The officer asked for my license and proof of insurance. I complied, still playing it very cool. He asked me where I was going and I gave him specifics. He stepped away from my window for a minute and he came back and said that he detected the presence of alcohol and had I been drinking this evening? I looked him straight in the eye and said NO sir. He asked again and I replied no sir, nothing. He asked me to step out of my vehicle. He told me that the reason he stopped me was because I was driving without my headlights on. In a very calm and collected manner I told him that I had just purchased the vehicle and I was not yet comfortable with some of the controls. This statement was easily verified by the dealers tags in the back window. He asked me again, are you sure you haven't been drinking, and like a polar bear in a snowstorm sipping a milkshake I said nosir.
The cop that was doing the talking ran my shit through his system and in the meantime I was just standing behind my vehicle chatting with two other cops. We talked about my new car and the music festival and how its not that uncommon for people to be driving down Lamar with their headlights off cause the street is so bright. The main cop was writing something and I asked the other two what he was doing. They replied that he was either writing me a ticket or a warning. One of them tried to scare me by telling me the fine was all super huge or some bullshit. And I was all oh no I hope its not that and then we had a good chuckle. The main dude came over and issued me a written warning which I had to sign.
I have NEVER just gotten off with a warning when it comes to cops.
That was a close call.
Listen folks, don't drink and drive, and more importantly
don't press your luck.





Yo, check it.
This space ain't gonna change much until I get a computer at home.
That should happen in the next couple weeks.
I'm tired of blogging at work,
its when I get home and relax that I actually think of things to blog about

chill man



Eye of the Hurricane

This lull
is just
the calm
the storm

its about to get cyclonic up in this bitch...




As much as I hate exloitation of Native American cultures
I bought a Jeep Cherokee
See my car got mashed up weekend before last, all hit and run style
and well, I needed a new whip, and well, I've always wanted a Jeep
and so I signed my life away
and bought one

hella tight




This makes me very sad
I've been to Russia
and I love Russians
and these were children...

very sad




My Bad

The week before Labor Day is a rude busy week in the annals of the beer business.
And my car got wrecked.
So I been getting a ride from one of the drivers.
So I been coming in rude early.
I should have time to update some shit tomorrow.