Ice Cream Cart

The beverage industry is a pretty solid business. I mean, folks need their beverages. A fact which I once tried to tie into a neo-fascist political party manifesto.
For those who don't know I work for Coors. Its not just Cold, Its Rocky Mountain Cold. And for some reason I don't know why I didn't think about the beer business as a great career choice for me a long time ago. Its perfect. Its a product that I can really support. Its a product that practically sells itself. People drink when the economy is good and they drink more when the economy is bad. Its the legal drug. I am a legal drug marketing professional. I think I have quite a future here.

Today I got to leave the office and go to Graham Central Station, the WalMart of nightclub entertainment, to decal an ice cream cart kinda like this one, but with Coors Light graphics instead of Yahoo. Not a glorious task but a welcome reprieve from my usual workaday grind. That took a great chunk of the day. I am now just waiting patiently to leave and go enjoy our wonderful product.

Sometimes life doesn't suck as much as it could.
But sometimes this blog sucks as much as possible.

Positivity is going great for me by the way. My skin has cleared up, my ulcer is receding, and I have mad a friend.


The Truth

this blog is pretty much all about me
I don't think I have made any secrets about that

action leads to motivation
and I am slagging behind
and ragging your mind




I am a hipster.

I have been a hipster since around '96 when I reckon I was a pioneer in the movement.
Not quite dirty enough to be a hippie yet far afield from the mainstream or what was perceived as the mainstream. Kind of a modern hippie intelligentsia that runs a small gamut from indie to electropop. I was and still am a hip-hop body yet not brown or down enough to claim the culture as my own.

Not to be confused with a scenster by any means.

Relishing relics of the past on my person and in my choice of vehicle. Reading and writing more than the average American and feeling hella self righteous about it. I smokes on the daily and I roll mad joints like water, whatchu wanna do? Taking slang gleaned from British and California cronies and unabashedly slinging it around Austin, I mean "who the fuck do I think I am man... Oprah?, hell no buddy, I'm your average hipster dufus on the hip trip dip hop tip... nahmean? ya dig?

But lately, and maybe not so lately, folks have been hella hating on the hipsters coast to coast. Maybe its the mad gentrification that hipsters be perpetrating in what some folks would consider the "bad" parts of town from Philly to Tacoma back down to Arizona and Oakland and Williamsburg and Brooklyn too strong. Maybe its those overtly self righteous attitudes that most hipsters wear from the vintage tee to a fee diddley dee. Or maybe its just being the same but being different and being discriminated on based on whatever... mainly because folks like to hate. And because whoever you are here in American and in the Human condition your time will come to be hated upon.

On a lighter note, I am really happy for Mariah and her album doing so well. Stupid title, but I like that single that on the radio. I was concerned that her career was gone for good there for awhile but she is selling the shit out of that album.
Congratulations Mariah,... mwah xoxo