Like a Scooby Doo Ending?

It's a plot device.
Deus ex Machina.
But my question to you is.
Is a classic Scooby-Doo ending a Deus ex Machina?

I would like to do a series about stuff that to me seems quite obvious.
It should be fascinating, because I think there is a divergence in what I think is obvious and what my reader and the average Joe Shmoe thinks is obvious.
Divergent like a great chasm.
That is not to say that I consider myself above average. Maybe just slightly unique.
But we would all like to think so, all us foolish Americans.
Snoflakes and all.

All Americans want to feel special, important, individual. We are more alike than we think.
We are more like chimpanzees than we would like to think.

I saw a very beautiful woman driving a Kia Rio.
It seemed like such a modest car for such a stunning beauty.
I wondered if she felt that the car was beneath her.
In the back of her mind she must be thinking.
"I should be driving a Jaguar."
Like most beautiful women she could easily parlay her looks into the car of her dreams.
But maybe she is a recovering somethingorother, like a crackhead maybe.
Or maybe she is trying to rely on her wit and skill.
Of which she must have very little of either.
Or maybe her cousin died and she just got a great deal on the Kia.
you know
reliable transportation
cars is cars
peoples is peoples.

And the Gods came down from on high
and the people were sore afraid
but the evil one is banished to Hades
and the mystery gets solved
and Ulysses and Whatsername
live happily ever after.

Or until their next brush with the fates.



My Adidas

I finally bought some new running shoes.

I have needed a new pair for quite some time.

On Sunday, I went to Academy and I picked out a nice new pair of Adidas trail running shoes. I often run on trails. And as name brands go I like Adidas, mostly because they make the best gear for European style futbol. However, historically Adidas sneakers do not really fit my feet. My feet are much the same proportions as Fred Flintstone's, that is to say that they are rather wide, almost square. Adidas shoes, while wider than nike and puma, are still rather narrow. I found great success with my last pair of New Balance sneakers. They helped me rehab my knee after my acl reconstruction surgery. In fact, I once remember saying that from now on I will only buy New Balance. But for some dumb reason, and this very much relates to what I was talking about in the last post, I decided that I liked the Adidas sneaks better and although they seemed a little snug around the edges I figured I could break them in. I even had a pair of New Balance out and on that I liked and would have done just as well as the Adidas that I picked out, but no, I had to go all counterintuitive and buy the Adidas.

I was happy at first. I wore them to the gym just to lift weights on Sunday and they felt just fine. But when I went back to the gym to run yesterday evening I was sorely disappointed. About a half mile into my run my feet were starting to hurt. About a mile into the run the pain was almost unbearable. I thought it would pass so I just kept running. At about a mile and a half I thought I was going to break down in tears. The pain had become excruciating. I would have hated to start sobbing in front of all those nice folks at the gym. So I had to stop my run only a part of the way through my usual distance. I was crestfallen. I was heartbroken. I was mad. Why oh why oh why, did I go against my gut instinct and stray from the wonders of the New Balance? Why did I try a brand of shoe that long ago I had forsaken because they obviously don't make shoes that fit a caveman's feet? Why did God make my feet so great in girth?

I decided not to let it get me down. This is the kind of thing that in the past I would have let gnaw at my nubbins for days on end. But the new me decided to let it go. I decided to turn to my new tool, optimism. I could still wear these shoes to just for general walkabouts. I might need some shoes that looked good with shorts once the summer comes. Hey, they were on sale so I'm not out that much money. And I know exactly which pair of New Balance I am going to buy when I go back to the store. But I also could have just gone with what I know and gotten the brand that I am sure fits my feet. That's what I will do in the future. And luckily I have this writing to remind me.

On an unrelated note, if you like glitz and boobs you should watch the show Las Vegas in NBC. its a great place to turn off your brain for and hour. Although I noticed thy are moving it to Friday night which is really a death sentence for a show that had previously been on Monday night.

death? where is thy sting...




I hate it when I have put something off for months and when I get down to doing the thing it only takes me fifteen minutes. Makes me feel like a damn fool. And NO, I am not referring to this writing exercise.

I cleaned my apartment this weekend. There was this pile of junk in my bedroom that I had been meaning to go through. It really was an eyesore. It was just receipts and junk mail and magazines, nothing grimy or gross. It had started in the chair in the living area and had gotten moved en masse to the bedroom where I had been stepping over it and adding to it since way before Christmas. In fact, the cleaning of my apartment while certainly filled with drudgery wasn't that bad at all, not nearly as bad as I had made it in my mind. This is a lesson I have learned before, many times before. Which makes me wonder, how many times in life do we have to learn the same lessons over and over. I mean, I guess if you really LEARN a lesson that that would imply that in the future you won't make that same mistake or not do that thing that you promised your self you would never do again. But there are those little things that just keep popping up on our respective radar screens and we see it again and we go, "oh yeah, that's why I don't do that."

But seriously I got a bunch of bs stuff done this weekend. Makes me feel good.

Did you know that The Stones were censored during their halftime show? I didn't either. In fact I was thinking that The Stones were perfect for the halftime show in this boring ass, whitewashed, puritanical, pre-teen poppycock, fully censored for our safety, nation of ours. I thought they were safe as a church bus, fully sanctified for mass consumption. But no, turns out that two lyrics were explicit enough for the dump button. Fuck you FCC. Fuck you for making a sanitized mockery of what used to be the most fun and profane nation on earth.

Makes me want to run with scissors, although I suppose our nations highways are as fun and dangerous as anybody needs.



1,000 Keychains

The keychains are gone. All one thousand of them. They were received on the 25th. Pete signed for them. But I never saw them. Didn't even get a chance to lock them up. Now the On-Premise sales guys have nothing to hand out at their super bowl promos except free beer and empty promises.
I would be inclined to feel responsible, yet in the absence of any reasonable security measures no one can really be held liable.
thievery is rampant problem here at Cap Bev.
Lot's of our workers are ex-cons, desperate men working a dead-end job, so what do you expect.
Sad story really.

In an unrelated matter, are you ever shocked at how many idiosyncrasies your computer has? You would think that an inorganic system would operate as if in a vacuum, but no, my machine is like a paranoid schizophrenic. One minute its all running at a reasonable pace with a hard line efficiency, responding to my every touch as if in the hands of a delicate lover. Then the next minute I sit down to spool a decal design to the vinyl cutter and all the sudden my machine is raving about communist plots against the reform party perpetrated by the paper towel holder, and its sure that the bawdy nanny is trying to poison it through the ethernet cable. And bugs, bugs crawling all over the screen.

I'm all "sheesh, hold it down jibby, no one is out to get you, everything is cool, why don't you just relax and open up a can of ackright."

I hate it when we fight.



Renewed ~ on da realz

I am so over blogging. So I'm just gonna write from now on.

This is not blogging, or a blog post, or blogalicious. These are just words on a screen,
that may or may not have been written by someone.

One of my favorite bloggers once mentioned that she always tries to write about at least two things per post. I think that's a great idea. But this post is a catch up post so I have at least eight things to write about, maybe more. here goes~

I can't believe how divided this country is right now. Did you see the State of the Union address? Me neither. But I saw the highlights. My favorite was the sarcastic applause. Cheers and jeers right there in the House Chamber or as like to call it under this administration "The Monkey House." Here's a couple of paraphrased quotes for any of ya'lls who care. Uh... "a house divided against itself cannot stand." does that ring any bells? and "those who do not heed the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them." Do any of these sound apropos? Do things seem just totally out of hand crazy right about now? Don't answer all at once. Make your marks heavy and dark and remember to show your work.

I found out at my Grandfather's funeral that I am a rich man. No, he didn't leave me a fortune. But he did give me the tools to be successful in life. And I was told by friends and relatives that they always wished that he was their Grandfather. You know all those intangible things that people are always talking about as priceless or more valuable than gold, well, they are, and I got a full measure of all those things. I might never attain great material wealth in this lifetime but make no mistake, I am a rich man.

Last week, while playing European style futbol, I got hit in the windpipe with an elbow traveling at a very high velocity. I couldn't talk too good for a couple days because of the swelling, and it still hurts.

I signed another year lease. In my apartment that is right next to Ms. Miss. We are still seeing each other. Things are cool. I'm in a very good rut right now.

Speaking of Ms. Miss. She and I went to New Mexico on New Years day. We spent a few days in Santa Fe. We saw some awesome art and architecture. We ate well and we enjoyed fires in our very own wood burning stove. We went to 10,000 Waves, a zen spa, and had a jacuzzi and sauna in a private waterfall area. We were gonna ski in Taos but there was no snow. So we went up to southern CO to Pagosa Springs. We skied at Wolf Creek. They had lots of snow. It was just her second time skiing so she spent that day on the bunny slope. I could see her from all three base lifts. Sometimes she looked like she was standing still. Some of the kids that were just learning to ski, the Wolf Pups as it were, would yell as they went past "believe in yourself, believe in yourself." So true. We bathed in the mineral baths in Pagosa Springs. They smelled like sulfur, aka rotten eggs. And those minerals were so strong that when I washed my swim breeches they made all my clothes smell like sulfur aka stinky poo.

I've been watching the Rollergirls reality show on A&E that features Austin's own Texas Rollerderby league. They inspire me. Moreover they make me realize that inspiration is all around and that you never know who you are going to inspire with your life and works.

Speaking of inspiration. Someone I know found this blog and started reading it. It inspired him to call me a genius. Now while I am very flattered, I do think he was being a little over the top with his praise. But more importantly it inspired me to blog again, er, I mean, write. I have spent entirely too much time being jealous of other peoples talents and the work that others are doing. I need to remember what I am about and that I am pretty fuckin' talented myself. I mean, not so talented that I can't pepper my writing with profanity, but talented nonetheless.

Although I don't really believe in talent as a concept.

Speaking of talent though, I've actually been painting again. A friend of mine inspired me, or rather, commissioned me to do a painting for him. He even fronted some money for the supplies. And while I haven't finished his painting yet, it has led me to do about 15 small works so far in attempts to tune up my skillz so I can begin work on his painting, or rather paintings, as I plan to do a diptich for him, oh fuck it, maybe a triptych, who knows, life has just begun.

I got a Sirius satellite radio so I can listen to Howard. He inspires me.

So I mentioned this friend who called me a genius, well he did so in public, addressing other people, at Crown and Anchor last night. And I was sitting in this spot, where I had sat once before, many years previous. It was a night in which I had let the booze and my temper get the best of me. I actually left the pub that night and destroyed the better part of the ceramics that I had made in college art classes. I wish I hadn't smashed all those crappy pieces. I mean, they were crap, but I regret my temper getting the best of me. I have been seeing someone about my anger management issues. It seems to be helping. But I was sitting in that same spot last night thinking how things have changed, mostly for the better.

Oh dear reader, we have so much catching up to do.

Don't call this a blog. These words aren't new or contemporary, they just always were.