Hand me That Weed Whacker

The worst job I ever had was my first job.
It was fucking mowing lawns with my stepfather, he had a lawn care business.
We lived in Lubbock Texas which is pretty fucking hot in June.
That June in particular there were 28 straight days of over 100 degree temps averaging around 107.
I was fourteen, where were the goddamned child labor laws I wonder.
We mowed a shitload of lawns
and then we got this great boon of a contract.
It was manicuring the "lawns" of the Lubbock Housing Projects. tight huh?
I mowed the PJs.
Now there were four separate housing projects in different parts of town.
There was one for the old folks, one for the Mexicans, one for the whites, and one for the blacks.
I think they made it that way cause Lubbock is a racist town in a racist state in a pretty racist country.
Some of us are working on it but its like a goddamned tsunami of racism around here sometimes... but anywhos
We mowed the projects.
The black folks had a raw deal set up, as they often do here in America, with very little grass coverage
mostly hard packed dirt with clumps of rude, stalky, mealy, weeds.
all grown up along the sidewalks and fences. Lot's of weeds I tells ya.
It would take us five or six hours of weed whacking
every couple weeks to get this place into some semblance of manicured lawncare bliss.
I would come out of those hellishly long days in the sun with my legs absolutely caked in weed guts.
I decided right then and there that I was gonna go to college and get my self an inside job
with a soft chair and a warm computer.

There is no moral to that story accept that
I hate racism in all its many manifestations both subtle and overt
If you are ever become a stepdad of a teenage boy don't for heaven's sake put him to work
like a dog
It's not a great way to endear yourself to your stepchild



Commentator Hater

Maybe you are wondering how I am doing?
Maybe you forgot to ask?
Maybe none of ya'll give a shit? ~ it don't make no difference to me
I betcha don't know why ~ huh? ~ cause I'm peachy
Things are going swimmingly ~ nuthin' but blue skies ~ that makes me
Not give two shits
About what the haters have to say.

Now maybe you are a pal o? mine and you are wondering how I am doing?
Well buddy, I'm just peachy
And really things are going quite swimmingly.
The sky is a little cloudy but all I see is bright blue and sun rays gleaming.
Thank you for asking my buddy?

Have you met freeby, he's my new commentator hater. First, he or she commented anonymously. Then when my wrath was summoned and my words became harsh, a tirade ensued from freeby in which he or she called me lonely, a loser, wildly angry, heady, a head case, a hella poet, bloody mary cake boy, etc etc.. and all without bothering to leave an e-mail address. Without an e-mail address a name is still simply an anonymous comment. He also called into question my territory authority in doubting the "county" status of my blog space. Also, in an additional comment, he seems to have relished the idea that I "shut up and die" which is taken mildly out of context from the post.

I think freeby is an excellent writer who just needs his or her own blog. Maybe then he or she could get the hating under control. Express yourself freeby, it don't have to be a blog, it could be painting, or music, or killing, or espionage, or model trains. I'm sure you will excel in anything you choose to do. I would prefer that it not be leaving negative comments on my blog but if that's what it takes to nurture your talents then so be it. Go ahead. Do your worst. But believe me when I say that you have so much potential. Chase your dreams. Swing for the fences. Shoot for the stars. This guy's the limit.
I'm sorry I called you an asshole and cordially invited you and your loved ones to?
Eat shit.
I have a bit of a temper and I need to work on that myself. But not here in my blog. Here I am free to express my anger.
And you should be too.
Love yourself freeby, until you do that, the world can't love you back.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind myself and my loyal fans about a little creedo that I used to adhere to but had sort of forgotten about...
~ Fuck the Haters
But love your enemy
And clean your plate...
Wear clean drawers, everyday
And wash your hands after you pee or touch anything in a mall
And remember to smile
Cause your momma loves you~

And now back to our regularly scheduled program of innane poetry.




Being human begins with a violent act
Human beings often take a violent tack
Some humans hustle and sell crack
Some human have skills that others lack

i wanna do a blog about being human
i could call it the human blog
i'm hella tired of this blog anyways



Talking Up a Storm

Before I die
Before they put my on the pyre and light the bottom faggots
Before I'm worm food
I want to do some talking
As some of you may or may not know, I like to talk
some might describe me as the kind of fellow who likes the sound of his own voice
while that description is accurate its also kind of a half-truth
whereas its true that I do like the sound of my own voice
that phrase holds a certain connotation about the motivation of the speaker in question
it could and usually does mean that nothing of significance is being said
and thereby the speaker is only speaker to hear his
or her voice
however, I try to always be purposeful when I'm blathering on
sometimes that goal is simply entertainment

but back to my premise
before I die I want to talk, for like a week, to an audience who wants to listen
and will be kind in their response
cause a lot of times in life I have had to hold my tongue
I have had to be my own best editor
and someday, right at the end, I just want to talk myself blue in the face
I want to talk about nothing and everything
about what has happened in the past and about what will happen in the future
about things that happened to me and about things that happened to people I know
about wisdom that I think I've gained and love that I think I've lost
about reasons to live and reasons to die

and then I just want to shut up and die
and hope that people enjoyed my last diatribe
and maybe I'll record it so they can beam it into space for other planets to enjoy.





this blog is filled with lies and broken promises



Deep Night Inquisition

Dark stars felled the shadows at the ground of meeting
Or the meeting ground
In the sky of round
Where the bed sheets pound
He could see into her eyes but she couldn't see back into his

And gas prices continue to rise
Some think that we shall soon be our own demise
As a culture and as a nation state
Cause we just can't maintain at this rate
Or sustain the inevitable parts of our fate

The ice shelfs drop into the sea and melt
the seals and sea lions are killed for their pelt
flightless puffins and penguins dun extinction felt
the richness of the balance of the planet is lost
and all I can do is stare into the blue of starling?s eyes

So deep in the night the inquisition breaks out
Without so much as a tremor or shout

Too late for questions
I tell her
and squint my way back into slight slumber

and in the night I dream of terrible things
mostly of life-forms dying in cars
and fights of jealousy in old towne dive bars
but when I awake in the night of dark stars
I see the slight form of life in the bed beside me

The darkness of the deep blue stars highlights the void created by the body of the manifestation of light and life right there in the bed beside me
To in the blackness guide me

I smell her radiant beauty in the absence of light



Daimond Tipped Days

Diamond tips time peices delve deep into my heart
and stop the world

not just for me but for the gist of us
for the blissful bus
the public transport of the spirit that sometime sneaks up
into your life
and spins things out into a space of breazy blessings

Diamond tipped calender bits
drive the sunshine into my soul