Try to stay balanced.
Fuck the haterz.
Wash your hands.
Be persistent.




Sometimes I am filled with murderous rage.
Especially when dealing with the management company ot my apartment.



Pest Problems

***Here is the letter that I sent to my apartment management reguarding my pest problems.
I thought ya'll might like it.
I could be wrong.***

To Whom It May Concern:
This is a letter to inform you of the great inconvenience that I have been subjected to in my apartment as of late. The rodent in the wall troubles began sometime in Late May or early June. I can hear the scurrying of rats, squirrels or some kind of pest very loudly in the ceiling of my bedroom.
There is a space in the ceiling above my bed that is beveled and in this space a number of animals are living their lives, at night, while I am trying to sleep. They are mostly quiet during the day. I think that maintenance came to check during business hours, but they couldn’t hear because they are nocturnal animals. I have resorted to wearing earplugs, but the noises are often so loud that I get only marginally decent sleep. This is disrupting my work. I am not sleeping very well at all with the constant scratching at night.
It often sounds like thumper or an old hound-dog scratching his ear with his hind leg.

When I reported the problem, I understand, that steps were taken to rectify the situation.
For whatever reason, the problem persists.
It is June 25th, and this very afternoon I have heard the movement of pests in the ceiling directly above my sleeping quarters. In the attempts to get rid of the pests, one or some must have died within the walls. This has created a stench of death and decay that has persisted for more than a week now. I have eaten many more meals out than I usually do and I have run my AC with the windows open to cope with the stench.

Please keep these circumstances in mind when considering the discount for next months rent. I think that a discount of one half is adequate for a problem that has been addressed with failed results and abandoned for the time being. I have been happy with the service of Claire and Rainier management. I understand the steps have been taken, but the problem remains mine to deal with and I think it devalues the property. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Matthew Rampage




I am going to be really disappointed if I don't see some version of an apocalypse in my lifetime.
I mean, all those apocalyptic visions gone to waste.
That would be a shame.

I am relying on the ineptitude and general shifty ways of the administration to come through for me.
and the hate, that people have, for other people.

come on war, come on famine, come on asteroid, where is thy sting?


It Would Seem

It would seem that I had fallen off the face of the earth.
Up seems up here on terra firma but when you consider the cosmos it's really out.
It would seem that I don't care about blogging anymore.
I'm really just feeling the weight of myspace. That's not to say that I am participating, for in truth I am obstaining.
It would seem that my writing ambitions have gone down the toilet.
Not true my friends, I have been very actively working on paintings and drawings and when one of those activities blossom the other are bound by experience to suffer.
I could alter that but it would take an act of will that I will not possess until fall of 2008, or thereabouts.

It would seem that there are critters living in the walls and ceiling of my apartment.
This is true and I will post the letter of objection which I submitted to my apartment management for a discount of one half in Julys's rent. It was literary brilliance.
I say critters because I'm not sure of the exact genus and species of the pests living out their lives in the walls and ceilings of my apartment, but they chatter, and become more active at night.
That's not to say that I can't hear them during the day, because I can. They are however more active at night, while I am trying to sleep. I have used the voice recorder on my new mobile phone to record the chatterings.
I plan to go to the office of the apartment manager, this very day, and play the sounds for her for an update on the situation.

It would seem that the big things are the things that one should be patient about.
Family, career, relationships, long term desires etc.
What good does it do, to not mind waiting for the check, when the thought of your own career advancement makes you pace a rut in the wooden floor.
It would seem that patience is a virtue and that some are more virtuous than others.

It would seem that you should constantly be removing obstacles and lessening desires and getting rid of stuff.
Or else you'll get all weighed down.




I am considering blogging again.
Don't get too excited.
It ain't happened yet.