P Whipped

Oh who am I kidding, I love blogging.
I'm just taking a little break.
We gonna be back in April



Hot Shit

I think
I may be
for now.



Here is me and Wonkette Posted by Hello


And I got my Anti Magnet... It's a little gay but I know that Anti is a badass so I don't mind so much... him staring at me from behind the blu blockers... thanks Anti. Posted by Hello


Here is Tony and Wonkette and the lovely SK Smith Posted by Hello


This looks like the early stages of being sloshed... Posted by Hello


Here it is, the meeting of two great minds... Posted by Hello



SXSW Interactive Conference After Parties

Written account first, pictures to follow~

Mission Accomplished folks. I wanted to meet Tony Pierce and last night it happened.

Tony rang my mobile around sixish to tell me about a blogger party at Club Deville. I was ecstatic that he called and I eagerly accepted the invitation. I was beside myself at the prospect of coming face to face with my most favorite blogger of all time. I also knew that he would be accompanied by SK Smith, my second favorite blogger of all time, and with that compound excitement I had to pee.

When I arrived at Club Deville Tony and SK were nowhere to be found. That was OK because Club Deville is a spot that I am quite familiar with so I found the bar with ease. I started off the night with a Guinness. When I realized that the situation was open bar I promptly ordered a second. I wandered around looking for Tony for a spell before settling in at a perch near the door where I could chat with strangers until my man arrived.

When Tony and SK finally hit the scene I was into my second Guinness and out of my head. I was really having to hold it down as not to seem like a total spazz. I was trying to rep the ATX with a little class. So greetings were exchanged and was relieved to find both Tony and SK delightful individuals in their corporeal forms. Tony said that he didn’t know what I looked like cause I never post pictures of myself. A statement which he retracted when we got around to taking pics. He was all “oh now I remember your picture in your blog from that face you just made.” I make silly faces for pictures.

Tony was of course straightaway mobbed by busblog fans which allowed me time to get to know SK, much to her chagrin I’m sure. She took it gracefully and chatted with me for quite a while.

When SK is talking she has the most deliberate method of forming her words and phrases. It’s really wonderful, it makes you feel safe and warm. She is in a graduate program at UT that I am interested in so we talked about that. Turns out SK knows Tony through her man Dan who attended UCSB with Tony. I got enough context clues out of her to assess Tony’s real age. He’s 84 not 111. Doesn’t look a day over 76 though.

Tony was all “wanna meet the hosts” and I was all “hells yes.” He then proceeded to introduce me to all the founding fathers of blogger. I was starstruck and not very composed about it. I was shaking hands and hugging and taking pics and engaged in a brand of merrymaking that could only be brought on as a result of south by southwest.

Tony tried to talk his way into the Real World house while SK and I discussed “playing with the forms” when it comes to painting and writing respectively.

Before I knew it the Google party was over and it was off to The Sidebar for the gawker party.

Biz was all "next party Dep, lead us to The Sidebar" and I was all "yes sir, c'mon everybody, follow me" and then I got everybody lost. The gawker party was approching crunk when we arrived. Guess who was there? Ana Marie Cox, THE Wonkette. Hello, uh, hotness alert. I hope my erection wasn’t that obvious. I took a picture of her without her consent and I hope she doesn’t sue me for it. I think she is loverly even though I don’t read a lot of political blogs.

I got pics of Tony meeting Wonkette for the first time. Talk about your seminal blog moments. Are there any respectable publications who wish to pay me for those pics? I’m cheap as far a paparazzi is concerned.

There was a Korean Kissing bandit and there was people from all over and the booze was flowing and I think a good time was had by all.

At one point Tony was trying to give somebody directions. I just shook my head. He handed me the phone. It was Kristen from Madpony. She was on the outskirts of town. I gave her directions to the joint we were at. I was unfortunately too tired and at that point too drunk to stick around to meet Kristen. I would have just made a fool out of myself anywhos. But I think those kids are still round town. Tony’s gonna be here till Friday so I hope to hook up with him again.

When I got home I was so excited I had to call Ms Miss to tell her about it. I don’t think she was very impressed.

Pics coming soon.



Mahi Mahi

I cooked a loverly dinner for myself and Ms Mississippi last night
Mahi Mahi, perfectly pan fried with garlic and onions
on a bed of fresh greens topped off with avocado, fresh cilantro, and capers.
It was awesome.
I smothered my salad greens in ranch dressing but Ms Miss. is way classier than that.
She settled for a dollup on the side.
The food was good and she was impressed.
I usually watch a couple hours of TeeVee on Sunday nights. I like it, its my decompression time.
But as a result of my pleasant company I only watched The Simpsons, thereby cutting my TV viewing for the entire weekend down to one thirty minute sit com. Not too shabby.

I'm excited about this week
aw heck, I'm excited about life.


Let Me Be Your Concierge

I am the nice reader that Tony is talking about here.
I have indeed offered him concierge service while he is here in town. That's how much I respect the busblog. That is also a great indication of how important hospitality is to me. I want to make sure that all visitors to my fair city have a great time and have everything they need while they are here. I have been shown outstanding hospitality all over the globe and I take it as my honor and responsibility to lay out the red carpet whenever I get a chance.
I been thinking about getting it tatted up on my belly. Just the word hospitality all big and emblazoned right across my belly, in that old English style font that all the cholos and gangbangers use.
Ya know you got Tommy Lee and he has "mayhem"
and ya got Tupac with his "thug life"
well me
the Deputy
I wanna get "hospitality" big as all get out, tattooed right across my belly, cause I'm all about it.
I hope Tony gives me a call while he is here. While I am not actually at his "beck and call" I do want a chance to meet him and maybe get a picture with, and if he does have material needs that will add to the comfort of his stay and they can be met locally I will be willing to help him out with those in any way I can.
That's what a concierge does.
That's what being The Deputy is all about.

Oh, and, a thousand kisses later
and one helluva weekend passed
I still am digging my hot neighbor
thanks for the luscious weekend



Yes Baby, you are the baddest bitch Posted by Hello



Let the Good Times roll

So check dis out.

I’m having a pretty damn good week.
Honestly it would be a crime not to share it with my blog audience.
So the goodness of this week has included but is not limited to ~

The aforementioned SXSW wristband hook-up, which is as lush as it sounds and which I plan to abuse to the fullest extent of the law.

Not one but two extended business lunches where I have had my meals bought for me, although I hear there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Making out with my hot neighbor girl whom I had previously dismissed as an ice queen. Turns out that she was living in NYC before she moved to Austin so she has just had a bit of a transition back into the world of friendly humans.
Turns out also that she has been crushing on me for a while now and she was thinking maybe I was gay cause I hadn’t approached her and yet I was thinking that she either had a boyfriend or a heart made of ice judging from her less than welcoming demeanor.
Turns out she’s pretty nice and hot for me… so uh, that’s pretty cool.

Things ain’t always going so smooth so I like to celebrate a little when they are.

How are you?
What kind of week are you having?



In It to Win It

Fuck Yeah, hizzah, Hooray

I won. I won a contest. I won the Anti Magnet Giveaway contest. I won an Anti Magnet.
I know its a little homoerotic and all but I am super chuffed.
The thing about contests is that I hardly ever enter. I usually win when I do enter.
Some would say by that logic I should enter lot's more contests. But that ain't the way it works.
I reckon that I've got a fixed amount of wins in my lifetime. I can use them all up in the next few years by entering every damn contest that I come across and placing at least within the top three or I can spread them out over a lifetime and when I'm 88 and playing bingo I will still have a few wins left to impress the little blue haired ladies.
Of course by that logic, what a fuckin idiot I am for having thrown away a win on a blog magnet contest.
But then again think of the mad snazz that I'm gonna be impressing with my Anti Magnet.
Hells yes.
Thanks Anti, I don't care what all those fuckers say about you
you're alright.

And in a related story of luck o' the draw, looks like I'm gonna be getting a free SXSW wristband from my work.
I have mentioned before that my job holds certain perks. Well, I did a little logo design for the Shiner brand manager for his kids ball club and he committed at least one wristband in payment. So I guess that it wasn't free but its cheaper than the 150 dollar retail value and it is something I wouldn't splurge for so Its free to me. And I could possibly get another one which would entitle me to choose a companion for the week.
So ladies, if you want to go to some wicked shows here in Austin during SXSW
look for my South By South Deputy wristband contest
where you may get a chance to go down south on The Deputy
I mean WITH The Deputy.

Unless bunny wants to go ahead and claim the prize herself.



Safe as Houses

I wish you could still order houses from a catalogue
that you and your friends and neighbors could assemble together
in a manner similar to a good old fashioned barn raising.

I think I'm gonna design some catalogue houses...

Anybody wanna buy a Rampage Original Home Design?
We got indoor plumbing
and free cable.



Hum Drum

I just don't feel like blogging.

So dreary.

I'll blog again someday.