Screw You '04

I gotta be me in Oh Three
no wait
Its gonna be a bore in Oh Four
no no wait
I'm still alive in Oh Five
oh hells yes

Year o' the Cock here I come
course that don't happen til February




Hum Drum

I'm gonna leave now




Achewood Rules

If you don't read this Comic strip
then you should.Posted by Hello



How come "The President"
always seems to be
the last to know.

I can't wait for the Najaf primaries.

I can smell Democracy in the air.
Or is that Sarin gas?




Social constructs will keep you in your place
if you let it happen
People will always put it on you
if you let them do it
Enlightenment will elude you
if you aren't right here, right now

the truth will run from you and hide, always just around the next corner
just like the muse that you chased for all those lonely months
who turned out to be an imposter
and when you finally met the real deal
at a party that you hadn't even planned on attending
you might feel like a fool for chasing the sexy shadow
and thank the spirit for the present synchronicity

she is tall, and you are short
maybe three inches seperate your respective crown chakras
but the phermone response between you is electric
and the your intrests are common, not pedestrian but matching
and in her eyes you see the fiery soul of a exhalted butterfly
the kind of feminine essence that draws your soul out of the dark
into radiant light

but society tells her to feel dainty
in the arms of her chosen lover
and you are only average height
for an asian male

whatcha gonna do



In the Night

Westside Posted by Hello



Semitic Shame

I had this sudden sensation that I had been sent back in time as a Hebrew gent in the Holy Land.
It was all biblical times and stuff.
I was trying real hard to be a good Jew.
I was trying to follow the law set down by the Lord God Jehovah to the letter.

No work on the Sabbath.
The whole ten commandments thing of course.
And then the all the dietary restrictions.

And man was I craving shrimp and pork like nobody's biznass.

I totally snuck off from the the tribe.
And I found me a pig down by the sea
of Galilee.
And there was a nearby shrimp bed.

Well, I went crazy and I hunted down that sweet bacon,
and killed it with a sharp rock
and I went a wadin' with some dope ass nets
and caught me some shrimp.
I made me some cutlets from the pig
and I pealed and deveined those shrimpies.

Well, I skewered up all that unclean goodness
and I had a little picnic.
But some shmuck back in the village
went and told on me and e'rbody totally found me out in my little feast of contraband
and I was hella disappointed
cause I brought shame on myself and my family.

But in my defense
I'm actually just a young American Goyem
from the future
who really just loves me some shrimp and bacon.


Design Destiny

When you're done killing yourself
or trying to kill yourself
all that's left is the burning
sensation that you need to
to slowly

When I was young
I looked
around at my surroundings
and I thought to myself
Did, quote, "civilized man"
really make his home here.

I am from a fairly desolate land so it might seem that the question at hand is a relevant one
at least
as far as the probability of one's
peephole opening in a fair and abundant land of say ~ plenty
as is conversely related to the probability
of a one's peephole opening
in a harsh and inhospitable horizon.

My beef ain't with my situation
it ain't personal as such
my bone to pick is with the system
it's not the components
or the individual acts that matter
that ring the deathnell clatter
that through the time gate shatter.

It's the design that leads us astray.



Godfrey Daniels

Blogger isn't updating my number of posts.
It has said that there is only 154 post in this blog for like a month.
I know that is just a little thing, but doggonit it's really pissing me off.

Something else that's really pissing me off is my lack of new posts.
But that's my problem,
I will deal with that in time



Where you going Ben Hawkins?
I bet you don't even know.
Management said you can stay on full time.
I think you should listen to him.
Do what Samson says and you may just may survive another day.

Helluva duster came up yesterday.
I bet you thought Lodz was a dead man out in that storm,
and I bet you thought you was going to hell with him.
You should be nicer to Sophie about her mum.
That wasn't nice when you said "Your mom's a turnip."
I mean your mother is dead but that don't give you the right to go talking like that to a lady.

Jonsey was pretty amused at that mob of folks that were treating you like their lord and savior.
If'n that hadn't occured then ya'll woulda been screwed in that community.
Nice revival reverend, but be careful.
You can't hide what you are,
not even to yourself.
And you better not be hiding your light under a bushel.
Your liable to set that bush on fire.

I wonder when ya'll are gonna be passin through Babylon.
Maybe I'll buy a ticket and come out to see the show when ya'll get here.
I wonder what your gonna do about that gift of yours.
I wonder what brother Justin Crowe has to do with your whimsical outfit.
Seems like ya'll are on very different paths'
but they are bound to intersect.

Where you going Ben Hawkins?




In an ideal world
I would start drinking and taking drugs and having sex
at like five fifteen on Friday evening

and not stop any of those activities until
late Sunday night
and I would arrive at work refreshed and ready to make IT happen
in Monday morn

but I guess that would get boring after a few weekends
and in the real world
I would just be dead
after a couple months

damn you reality



Tuesday Afternoons

Man it usually takes til Tuesday Afternoon for my mind to realize that
the weekend is long gone
and yes
you are going to have to focus and get some work done this week

and I'm all

Fuck you mind
I ain't gotta do shit
you ain't the boss of me

and then I wet my pants

it is the boss of me.



Outermost Reaches

Felonious Peaches
and interstate beaches

and stars upon thars without sneeches
and where have the cicadas been these long seventeen years

the golden reaches of the outerspace niches
and all that litters your inner thoughts
and all the real estate
that you thought
that you bougtht

And you turn around on foreign ground and you wonder from whence you came
and the feeling of solid found that you thought you had gained
from action and effort and focused aim
just fell away in space and time
and the party you're at is just lame


Extended Stay

Pancho found himself inside a strange hotel room. Strange in that he had not expected to be inside a hotel room that day. Less strange in that rampant sense of familiarity that all hotel rooms have in common.

~ bed with outdated comforter
~ awkward cutains
~ bedside tables
~ Gideon Bible
~ reading Lamps
~ industrial carpet
~ phone
~ prints in garish frames
~ A/C unit sans thermostat (all hot or all cold, you pick)
in the bathroom
~ all white finish with a faux industrial flair
~ towels, washcloths, handtowels, and tiny bathmat only slightly thicker than the towels
~ one switch to operate both flourescent vanity lighting and rauciously loud exhaust fan.

A coalition of objects that infallibly come together and dazzle the viewer into the belief that they may or may not have stepped into a non-descript hotel room.

Pancho was fixed in his position in a gawdy but comfortable reclining chair. He could peer out a nearby window, but only through a sundrenched sliver. He tilted his head slightly downward in an effort to filter out some of the morning light. He could make out the scene below with just the right amount of squint and tilt. Out the window and through the flood of light Pancho saw what he thought was the neighborhood that had once been his childhood stomping ground.