Here comes the sun...

I am such a morning person, always have been. I get this rush of aliveness in the mornings. That's of course right after I get over the molehill of sleepyness. In my youth it has been quite the bane. Never getting to enjoy the late night party down party town fun that always happens, well late at night. In my old age I'm sure that all this morning happiness is going to be a great boon. Like when I'm seventy three and I have a water aerobics class that starts at some ungodly hour like five a.m. I'll be there first whistling Pearl Jam and just warming up. Some people have to learn to be morning people. There kids have to break them in during the middle age. Suckers; some people were just born singing zippady doo dah right after the alarm goes off. Of course I don't use an alarm, don't need to, just wake up, specially if I'm on a regular schedule. If you're reading this and it's morning and it's making you sick and grumpy and pissed off, I say, stuff it, keep it to yourself. You get to enjoy all that late night fun and madness that I can't because late at night I get sick and grumpy and pissed off in the first degree.
My dreams have been bearing down hard lately. Epic landscapes of then and now and of things to come. Blended mindscapes of disperate elements. Sex and sadness, architecture and desolation, scenarios that make no sense in the mornings and that fade into forget by noon. Why was I there and where excactly was I, and with whom.
"You said you would be right there, but you knew I would never pass that way again."




So the other day I was listening to NPR, that's National Public Radio. Enlightening to say the least. I live in a place without a TV so these days I mostly read and listen to public radio.
So I'm listening to NPR's six o'clock show Marketplace. Its mostly about global economy issues, they run the "numbers" you know S&P's, NYSE, NASDAQ, they let you know just how crappy things are going, or not. Anywho's the whole affair is pretty stuffy, buttoned up, starched and pressed. Well they have these interludes between segments where they play music. So there things are all white collar stuffy and all of the sudden interlude~
intrumental of 50 Cent's P.I.M.P. Whoa. How pervasive is this guy? Now I know that the producers of the show didn't have the faintest implication about the tune they were interluding with, and it was only the instrumental ~ low key beats with some nice steel drum riffs ~ but geez. I like me some Fifty and half his album has made it to "radio play single" status but I never thought I would hear a tune of his on NPR's Marketplace. I sort of have this feeling like I was the only one who would take any notye of this but that's probably pretty ego centric. Well so much so that I thought I would share it with all my readers.
Yeah you and you.

"I don't know what you heard about me...