Over Yonder

We always wonder what is over yonder.
When I say we I mean the curious ones, and when I say the curious ones I mean most humans.
We always think the grass is greener on the other side.
When I say we, I once again am referring to the general population
most people
the proletariat
los gentes

I was thinking about making a break from the past.
I think that each new moment is a break from the past,
I think that's what makes the present so exciting. It ain't the future and it most definitely ain't the past.
So today, only five posts away from 300, I am starting a new blog in a new space.

visit often
ponder wisely
make a break from the past



Brand New

I don't really want to steal, i want to innovate..


Things of Little Interest

I am very interested in the Everyman character. Who wouldn't be? He is just like you or me.
We can all relate to the Everyman, especially when he is down.
But what's great about that is that we can also revel when he is triumphant.
We can all feel like we were in his corner. It was as if we won the battle side by side.
We built that pyramid together and sailed that vast blue sea, we buttressed the cathedral together
and we forged a living document that keeps us all safe and free. Or so we say.

We wrote the laws, and conquered the uncivilized, and forged new alliances, and burned old bridges, and blazed new trails, and planted the crops year after year, until we got some other man to do it for us, and together we learned from our mistakes, and yet we continue to make new mistakes and some of the old ones again and again. We all have that thing in common, suffering, that makes us all human, and sometimes there is a character that sort of brilliantly distills the elements of being human like a prism distills the colors of light.

We relate to the Everyman in a way that makes us all want to hear his story and watch his movie and buy his books and collect his action figures and play his video game. His or her of course.

Sometimes the Everyman is blessed with what would seem like poor luck. But things are not always as they seem because the things that seemed unfortunate early on serve to shape and define a character as one of us.
The race of man.
And it is a race, let me tell you. Betta keep ya boots laced if you wanna keep pace.
The Everyman is not afraid to run the race. Either from courage or ignorance.
The Everyman rarely comes from wealth or privilege. The Everyman is often strapped with the burden of poverty or afflicted with a mental or physical challenge right from the start.
That gives the Everyman the determination.



I was thinking about a character.
How about a pandimentional sad sack type character
who is not very lucky
and is living lives throughout time
over and over?
Constantly being reborn in another time.
The lifeforce that is the character will be killed at the end of each episode.

What audience would this character appeal to?

Primordial Soup
Universal experience
Things change but the essence stays the same.

Bear with me, I'm working through ideas.
Some of these ideas were stolen,
aren't most good, seemingly new ideas just built upon the ideas of those that went before us?
There is nothing new under the sun.

I am thinking about creating a new space for all this foolishness.
This place is so stale and musty.
Smells like moth balls in here.




Almost thee month without a post.
It seems I've forgotten how to write.
Luckily I haven't forgotten how to live.
I am still on a big kick of breathing

Sometimes I think about writing.
I might think about a story that I would like to tell.
Or a process I would like to elucidate.
Or a series of events I would like to describe.
But I don't do it, and thinking about that now makes me cringe.



Time Keeps On Ticking

Here at the end of time, I just wanna kick back and enjoy the feeling of existing.
Is that so wrong?
Some would call me lazy.
I would call myself profoundly lazy.
Even though, physically I am quite fit.




I would like to buy the world a Coke,
and furnish it with Love.
But I really only have the wherewithal and the energy to maintain my own health and sanity and that of the loved ones around me. And most of the time I can't really do anything for them but encourage. It's a hard-knocks life. And aspirations that totally outsize your skill and/or ability are an unfortunate drain on your lifeforce.
I would like to create a gun that shoots peace.
Peace of mind, peace of land, peace of meat.
Maybe something that created a sonic boom of peace, and security, and liberty.
I really think that would be wicked righteous.
But I think I'll prolly just keep eating right and feeling well so I can dole out swell vibes to the lives that I come in contact with
and use less
and smile
and treat folks like I want to be treated.

but not too heavy handed




Try to stay balanced.
Fuck the haterz.
Wash your hands.
Be persistent.




Sometimes I am filled with murderous rage.
Especially when dealing with the management company ot my apartment.